Nov 28, 2015

Outlining my rewrite of book 1!

Blurry picture with bonus cat toes. XD

Ya know, maybe my current draft of book 1 isn’t as much of a mess as I thought it was. The three thirds of the story are all even in terms of chapters- the first part has 10 to the middle and ending’s 9, but that’s really close. Plus I think after this draft I may end up condensing a bit more at the beginning anyway. Considering my first draft was something like 38 chapters and I’m down to 28, that’s a start, lol.

Even my characters are balanced. My main-main character (Adair) has 10 POV chapters, as does Firedrake, while Blythe has 8. Firedrake isn’t more important than Blythe, but Dray’s storyline does frequently affect Adair’s while Blythe is frequently in scenes with Adair or Dray.

I still feel that after this rewrite I’m going to need one more rewrite before I get to where I can plain edit, but this is a lot of progress since the beginning. I’m not entirely sure how some of the chapters play out in this draft, but they seem to be happening in the right order. Finally. Er… until I go back and try to condense the beginning again. Or realize the middle is still as messy as I’d feared.

I am loving the idea of ending the book on a Firedrake chapter instead of an Adair one, like in the previous drafts. Technically this is Adair’s book, but book 2 is more Dray’s, so (fingers crossed) it’ll leave me with a kind of hook to bring the readers into the next one.

Now that I have this sorted out pretty well, it’s time to dive back into the rewrite. I always need a good outline before I start any draft, but my characters often like to change things up on me without warning. An outline at least corrals them slightly. ;) … crud, and looking at this I just realized that I didn’t resolve one of my storylines. *headdesk* Guess I’ll stick that somewhere near the end in one of the last index cards.


Nov 14, 2015

Switching gears for NaNoWriMo

I'm rethinking writing book 3 this month. NaNo isn't working for me, not the way it has in the past. With my work schedule the way it is (it's been a week since I was able to write), I just can't approach it full speed with a new project. I'm sitting here with the laptop and finally a chance to write and I'm at a loss of what to do with this book. Partly it's because I had next to no time last month to outline so my usual solution of getting unstuck- jumping ahead and writing a more interesting scene- isn't working because I don't know what the heck the other scenes are. Add in the fact that I didn't have a chance to sort out book 2 after I figured out why that plot wasn't working last month... I'm struggling to figure out what goes into book 3 without having a firm basis of book 2. (I thought I'd be okay just diving into 3 since it's a new adventure for the characters, but I keep hitting walls caused by not knowing what happened in 2.) After days of not writing I find myself floundering. Where was I? What the heck was I going to write next? What were my characters thinking and feeling when I left off?

Yeah, I can't just do this NaNo the way I did in the previous years. Those times I had a decent outline and plenty of time to write. I could build each day on what I'd written the day before, so even where my outline had a gap, I could still blunder my way ahead because it was fresh in my mind. I already know I'm going to end up a NaNo rebel this month because I lowered my personal target word count. I may as well embrace being a rebel fully. I think what I might do is go back to my rewrite of book 1. With that one I have a full idea of the plot and a pretty complete outline. I'm hoping that I'll be able to stay focused even with days away from it because I'm familiar with the story. And if I get inspiration to write scenes from books 2 or 3? I'll write those scenes. Anything to get words out because right now I'm not getting any words.

Right now any words I gain this month are more important than trying to play by NaNo's rules. Any kind of progress is ideal and I think I'd make the most progress writing something I'm more familiar with. Or maybe I'll change my mind and write another short story about the world/characters. As long as I'm writing something, I don't really care what it is!

Long post is long, but I think I feel a lot better now. Just because I "lose" at NaNo doesn't make me less of a writer. I write year-round. I have a series in the works. I'm an author. If that means going at my own speed this year, so be it. :)