Jan 17, 2017

Writing update for 1/9-1/15


I'm a little behind with posting this writing update, but I'm just excited that I have a writing update! Last week my writing goal was basically "start writing again" and I did that by diving back into my rewrite of book 1 (Colorweaver). I rewrote the first chapter (that's what this excerpt is from) which is great because I've been on the fence about what chapter should be the first chapter. I think I've worked out where/when the story needs to start. Only took me something like five tries, two viewpoints, and four different locations. And watch, I'll change it again.

I also dove into my Dreaded Chapter. This was the only part of the story that remained mostly intact from the first draft and it no longer really fit in the story, but it had a bunch of events in it that needed to happen so I kept trying to make it work. Last week I had enough of the chapter making me grimace every time I looked at it and rewrote it from a different location. I'm still working on it, but for the first time since the first draft, this part of the story feels like it belongs in the story. I'm optimistic.

My goal for this week is simple: do something writing-related for an hour a day, at least three days. I'm hoping to keep making progress with this rewrite, but after being kicked around by December, I'll take any kind of writing! I still have to finish my culture building worksheets, so those are on my to do list, too.


Jan 5, 2017

Writing update for the new year

I just realized that I haven't done a writing goals/progress post in over a month. The reason for this is that December ... well, can we just pretend December didn't happen? I've never been a fan of that particular month and this year it was particularly difficult. I did a little bit of writing-related stuff each week, but it was mostly world building and planning. It was hard to even hit my weekly goals of two days a week! Thank goodness December is finally over.

My goal for January is to get back into writing for an hour a day, three days a week. From there I'll try to get back up to four or five days, but I'm not going to overwhelm myself at first. I'm starting to get the itch to create new words again, so I have my fingers crossed I'll be able to dive back into the rewrites of books 1 and 2. Last month did give me some insight and some good ideas for them. Here's to hoping January is less stressful and more productive!