Cyneric Doll

And here's another OOC post- I finished the plushie of Cyn this week and figured it should go on his blog. I think he'd be more narcissistic about it if he didn't look so girly in yarn form. Hey, I can't help it that he wears a robe and has long hair. ;)

Cyneric D&D Plushie
So here he is! His quarterstaff and shield both have his holy symbol (a winged fox) and his robe has a large hood attached. Technically, his skin would be a bit darker (he's very tan- blame Messaging for a decade), but I didn't have yarn in quite the right color.

Here's a closeup of the shield:

Boy, is it hard to paint when your canvas is concave and only an inch and a half wide!

I'm working on a SwampFox plushie now, so I'll post that when it's done, and I'm also thinking about crocheting a fox. As for Cyn, at some point I also want to make him armor, a mace, and some javelins. :) (I'm also going to make a plushie of my old D&D character, but don't tell Cyneric because he'd get jealous.)




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