Yay, presents!

I had two awesome, Cyneric-related surprises yesterday. One is this awesome drawing done by my friend Niere:

(Click to view it larger)
I love it so much! That's definitely Cyn- winged fox staff, smirk, and all; she portrayed him perfectly. Thanks so much, Niere! That drawing is going up on this sidebar of this blog, as soon as I can figure out where to adjust everything around.

And the other present was this necklace that my best friend and her mom (who's also a good friend) got/made for me:

A red fox on a green ribbon cord- that's so right for me! I touched up the eyes some since, as Care pointed out, they looked more like cat eyes than fox eyes, so I gave him larger pupils. I'll be wearing this around all the time, and probably get a few odd looks, but hey, I love foxes and my inner-Cyn heartily approves. Thanks, Care and Mary- I love it!

I have some really cool friends, let me tell ya. :)




  1. Those are both incredible! Good for you :) You need reasons to smile right now :)

  2. Definitely! Friends are awesome. :)


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