Art for Hidden Magic

Since I wrote "Hidden Magic" for a writing/art challenge, this meant that I ended up with art to go along with the story. Yay, art! In this case, my fiancé picked my story and decided to draw Meren and Kryro, two of the four protagonists:

Josh based the character design for Meren off of this one that my friend Niere drew, which is probably really obvious. ;)

I'm just happy that he did in fact draw me my horsebutt, as I affectionately call Kryro, because Josh has never drawn centaurs before and I didn't know if he'd be inclined to do that or not. And Meren's in a tree, of course, which is her usual state of being, so yay!

Really happy with the drawing! I would have done the tattoos and Kryro's hair a bit differently, but that's a style thing, really. Although he did forget Meren's quiver so now she has a random extra belt. Which is fine. One can't deny the functionality of belts!

There's one other character in that story that I'd love a drawing of, so I'm going to see if Josh can do that one for me, too. I may try myself, but I'm not sure if I can do him justice or not. I did, however, already make a plushie of him, so I'll be posting that soon. :)

As for the story, I'll start posting it either tonight or tomorrow. Look for that soon!

Edit: There's also a soundtrack for "Hidden Magic", complete with album cover! You can find the cute songs and the cover art here.




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