Goals for January

A bunch of members in my Facebook writing group do blog posts weekly or monthly for goals. This seems like a great idea for keeping ourselves motivated, so I'm going to join in. I'm not sure if I'll do these weekly or monthly, but for now it'll be kind of a mix. A to-do list of sorts. And since I've been painfully neglecting this blog, any motivation is good motivation!

(Psst! If you're a writer, feel free to join us in that FB group! The more the merrier! ... Well, okay, since I'm already there there's some amount of meri going on, but come in so there's another 'r'!) 

Goals for the week:

  1. Update my word count meters in the sidebar to the left.
    (Done! One was two months behind. Whoops!)
  2. Finish my current short story.
    (It's about book 1's antagonist. It's just your typical "imp comically struggling to adjust to the confusing world of humans meets agender carnival performer with a penchant for fire and snark" love story. Ya know, like everyone writes.)
  3. Find a title for said short story that's better than "Short Story #1".
    (Tempted to use "Imps Similar to the Ones Shown Here", an inside joke/parody to my husband's neglected "Goblins Like These" comic.)
  4. Figure out if there's a better word for the character's kind than "imp" and do more development for this subspecies of elemental.

Goals for the month:
  1. Finish the first draft of book 2.
    (I have about five more chapters to write in the novel I started in November.)
  2. Come up with names for the ghosts in book 2 and sort out their number.
    (Is three too overdone? I'm not writing the freaking Christmas Carol here.)
  3. Finally figure out names for days of the week and months of the year.
    (Unless I can come up with good names for the ghosts, I'm going to be ending up with "Bobsday".)

Goals for the ? (Month? Season? Phase of the moon?)
  1. Go back to my rewrite of book 1. Add the aforementioned pyro to the story sooner. Try really hard to turn the antagonist into an antagonist after writing him as the protagonist in the short story. Pass go, collect $200.
  2. Ponder how I got $200. Spend it on hula hoops and juggling rings for "research purposes". Thank my carnies for giving me fun hobbies.




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