So long, old layout!

After quite some time of dragging my feet, I finally updated the layout for my blog. The old one served me well for many years and went wonderfully with the feel of my Messenger characters. The only problem was that I haven't written those characters since 2013. With my artists and carnival performers now residing in my head 24/7, it was time to give them a chance at a layout for this blog.

I picked out a few templates that were colorful and art-themed. When I couldn't decide on one, I asked my husband's opinion. He immediately pointed to this one and said "Go with that! It looks like Adair's!" He's right. All purples and blues and paint splatters- that's Adair, and since Adair is the character driving my current series... yup, it made sense.

I might still do some fiddling since I'm not sure how I feel about black text and I'm not sure if it's easy enough to figure out where the stories posted on this blog are located. (The link at the top of the screen gets you there.) I'm also going to eventually swap out the photo at the top of the blog with a drawing said husband does of the characters. Who knows when that'll be, though, so until then I'm using a picture of the dolls I made of the characters. This layout really is all about the new artist/carny crew!

Edit: And my share buttons seem to be gone, which is something I just noticed and don't like- I guess that's what I get for picking an outdated layout. Blogger shows them in the post settings, but I can't get them to show up in the actual layout. Nuts. That might actually mean I'll be changing the layout again at some point since aren't sites supposed to be all about social networking buttons? Then again, it's unlikely I get enough blog readers to worry about sharing since I can do that manually and I think I was the only one actually using those buttons, lol. This blog is a very solitary, quiet place. Just me and my characters, procrastinating and being silly. Who needs anyone else? ;)




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