Starting to draw some maps!

After three years of working on this series, I've finally started making some maps. (This fact makes me giggle because my main character is a cartographer and he's been bugging me about maps the whole time.) These are very rough and aren't much to look at yet, but this will eventually be the layout of the Artisan’s guild, which is where most of book 2 takes place; the series returns here every so often. I am in love with this building! It’s huge- each of the visiting artist bedrooms on the second floor (the tiny line spaces in the bottom left circle) are only slightly smaller than my own tiny apartment. The center circle area is a grotto that's more like a small forest. The building itself is neat because it changes appearance with the seasons and it serves as a giant clock. The reason for that is because it slowly turns as the day progresses so the artist studios (the rooms at the top of the top-right drawing) always face the sun for the best lighting. It's so much fun writing a culture of artists and inventors!

I still have to polish these up, then I'm going to start working on the layouts of my carnies' wagons, the map of the capital city, and the map of the country. I probably should map this portion of the world, too, but that’s probably getting ahead of myself. ;) I'll share better pictures once I have them more finished.




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