Writing goals for June

  • First off, I’ve fallen out of the habit of daily writing. My goal is going to be to write every day. Even if it’s just something like 500 words, that’s still something and it’s still moving me forward. With two books in the rewrite stage and another three or four vaguely planned out, I need to move faster!
  • Setting a new method for myself when it comes to writing: if I feel inspired to write a scene, write the dang scene. Don’t put it off and just jot down notes. Even if the scene belongs much later in the book and it might not be relevant by the time I get there. Even if it belongs in a different book. That doesn’t matter- what matters is that I’m writing something that’s fun to write. I’m finding that I’m getting burnout (and going extra slowly) if I stick to the timeline of events. With this series, I need to have fun. For Pete’s sake, the series is called Unexpected Inspiration. I need to be inspired by the unexpected!
  • Going with this, if I’m suddenly struck by the urge to write something unrelated to what I have planned, go for it! I’ve already got one short story and someday I want an anthology. If this is where my inspiration takes me, then maybe I need to take a break from the current novel for a bit.
  • Figure out my imp subplot in terms of book 2. When do the characters find out that Sapphire is an imp? Where does Etri keep finding the defaced warnings about imps? Does Adair figure out that he now speaks their language? Does Adair ever find a way to stop wearing oven mitts? And most importantly: does he ever get that pie he wants? Can the lack of pies be caused by imps? Probably not, but they are responsible for the oven mitts. XD
  • Keep with my plan of hooping (hoop dancing) every day, as well. It gives me such a boost of confidence every time I nail a new trick, wakes me up so that I want to write, AND puts me in the heads of my carnival performer characters.




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