Getting ready for NaNoWriMo next month!

Today I made progress on my outline. Lots of new ideas that actually made sense! Then I looked closer at my notes...

Me: If one culture sees Chiaroscuro (an elemental) as a mythological being and the other culture sees it as a god-like one, that means when it shared the mind/body of the twins' mother...

Etri: Do not say it.

Me: Now it makes sense how you register as "human" to healers, but have other abilities!

Etri: Please do not say it.

Me: You and your brother are demigods! Or something like it, anyway.

Etri: Book 3 is too late to acquire a job with another writer, yes? Perhaps a resumé-

Adair: *barrels into the conversation* My husband's a demigod? That's SO COOL! Wait, Chiaroscuro? I have a tiny statue of him that I hang my paintbrushes on to dry. Oh my gosh, I've been using your parent as an art supply! Do you think I can get their autograph?

Etri: *facepalm*

Please tell me I'm not the only writer who has these kinds of conversations with their characters. ;)




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