Are there writers whose characters actually listen to them?

So for those people out there who think asexual characters can't fall in love: I'd like to direct you to two of my main characters. I've written this part of book 1 something like three or four times and they keep insisting on closeness WAY too quickly. The one is supposed to be unemotional (well, he comes off that way to people because of his culture's mannerisms and some social anxiety- he's definitely not) and the other is supposed to be concentrating on getting back a stolen piece of his magic because it keeps hurting him. Every draft I say "I'll make their friendship develop over time! That would be great! And in book 2 they can develop it further!"

Hahahaha. They're definitely in love by the end of book 1 and they can't seem to stay away from each other from pretty much the time they meet. Guys! Stop it! This scene is your first conversation! Etri was supposed to walk away after a line of dialogue and now Adair's somehow gotten him to stay through the cunning use of tea and puppy eyes and I have no idea how to wrap up this scene because it's devolved into a conversation when Etri isn't supposed to be freely conversing this early in the story! *pulls hair out*

I guess I'll keep writing it like I am. I've learned that fighting my characters is usually a waste of time. If these two dorks want to hit it off earlier than I'd planned this many drafts in, then I guess that's how it needs to be. :-p




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