Songs for the “Unexpected Inspiration” trilogy

I'm fiddling with my Spotify playlist for my series and really sitting down to listen to the lyrics is giving me lots of inspiration, particularly for the two later books where I'm not as sure of the plot. I’ll put some of the lyrics here and link to the songs on youtube in case you’re interested in hearing them. :) These are the songs I currently associate with each book; these aren’t relationship/character songs, but ones more directly related to the plot. Click the song titles to hear them on Youtube.

Book 1 (Colorweaver)

Angels and Airwaves – “Everything's Magic”
So hear this please
And watch as your heart speeds up endlessly
And look for the stars as the sun goes down
Each breath that you take has a thunderous sound
Everything, everything's magic
Just sit back and hold on, but hold on tight
Prepare for the best and the fastest ride
And reach out your hand, and I'll make you mine
Everything, everything's magic

Pat Benatar – “Invincible”
We can't afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It's a do or die situation
We will be invincible
And with the power of conviction
There is no sacrifice
It's a do or die situation
We will be invincible

Book 2 (tentatively called Sentinel)

Hanson -- "You Can't Stop Us"
Soldier of fortune tried to shoot me down
Beating his chest only to hear the sound
Pumping his fist saying that our cause is dead
Go put your lies in somebody else’s head
You can’t stop us
You can’t stop us
You can’t stop us now

Miike Snow – “Animal”
In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody who could be strong
Tell me if I'm wrong
And now I'm pulling your disguise up
Are you free or are you tied up
I change shapes just to hide in this place but I'm still I'm still an animal
Nobody knows it but me when I slip
Yeah I slip, I'm still an animal

Book 3 (Iconoclasm)

Skillet – “Hero”
Who's gonna fight for the weak
Who's gonna make 'em believe
I've got a hero (I've got a hero)
Livin' in me
I'm gonna fight for what's right
Today I'm speaking my mind
And if it kills me tonight
(I will be ready to die)
A hero's not afraid to give his life
A hero's gonna save me just in time

Paramore – “Let the Flames Begin”
Somewhere weakness is our strength, and I'll die searching for it
I can't let myself regret, such selfishness
My pain and all the trouble caused, no matter how long
I believe that there's hope
Buried beneath it all and
Hiding beneath it all and
Growing beneath it all and
This is how we'll dance when
When they try to take us down
This is how we'll sing oh
This is how we'll stand when
When they burn our houses down
This is what we'll be, oh glory

Looking at these, I really can see how my series progresses. Book 1 has the characters dealing with a plot that mostly just involves themselves. Book 2 has them interacting with multiple other characters who are influencing the plot. Book 3 gets deeper with them dealing with a corrupted system of magic and corrupted government. I was afraid my stakes weren't getting raised enough between books, but looking at this, I think I'm okay!




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