Writing Status Update

It just occurred to me that I haven't been updating this blog recently. Not because I haven't been working on things, but because everything I've been working on went up on my Tumblr blog. Here's an update so I can keep track here, too!

-Last month I worked on world building for a month of prompts. I'm not going to repost them on this blog because they're mostly just notes for myself, but if you're curious about how I'm building my main country of Concordia, I'll link to the posts. I'm excited for next year when I'll work on these prompts for my other countries!

-Camp NaNoWriMo! I'm working on the second draft of book 1 (Colorweaver) for July. I had about 30k words of this draft to start, but it's been several months since I was able to focus time on one of my novels. Fingers crossed this month I can get a good chunk of this rewritten! I'm posting short updates to my Tumblr daily about that day's writing, but whenever I do something more substantial, I'll share it here.




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