July wrap-up and August goals

I'm going to call July's Camp NaNo a success! My goal was 35 hours and I hit a staggering 50! I think this is the most writing I've done for any camp and possibly for any NaNo. I made some great progress with my book 1 (Colorweaver) rewrite, plus I finished a short story I started in June and wrote another short story towards the end of the month, plus I did some world building/character development stuff, and completely redid my outline. Super productive month! Now I've got a coherent story for book 1 written up to about the 2/3 point and I have the rest of the plot outlined. I should be able to finish in the near future, which takes me to...

My goals for August! I'm determined to not lose momentum, so I was excited when I remembered that the NaNo site has this goal tracking thingy! I track my writing in my planner (you can find my post about how my planner keeps me organized here), but I liked being able to do this last month and see the graph, so I'm going to do it this way, too. I set the goal at the same as last month because I don't want to fall short, but I should hopefully be able to do an hour and a bit of change each day. I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish this draft by the end of the month, but I'm hesitantly hoping to have it done by mid-September. (Partly because fingers crossed I'll be going on vacation for a week then.)

So I'm optimistic! I'd love to at least have this draft finished in time to outline the next draft of book 2 (Sentinel) before November. I'd love to work on that for NaNo this year. Unless I completely change my mind a week before NaNo because that's definitely happened before lol.




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