September writing and October goals

I'm really proud of how regularly I've been working on writing this summer! (July does exist and I wrote almost every day that month, but it was Camp NaNo so it's on a different log sheet.) I'm not as far along as I'd hoped, though. I really want to finish this draft of book 1 within the next two weeks or so because I would like enough time to outline the next draft of book 2 for NaNo in November. 

Successes so far for September:
-I've been gradually editing and sharing my old story Hidden Magic over on Wattpad.
-Some very minor edits to my older Unexpected Inspiration stories- also sharing those to Wattpad.
-I wrote what was supposed to be a short story that ended up closer to 10k words. Still need to edit it, but it's done!
-Lots of ideas and notes for books 1 and 2.
-Started sorting out where my antagonists have to be in book 1 (I'm giving one of them an occasional POV chapter) and wrote the first of these chapters.

Goals for the last week of September and into October:
-Finish this draft! I have about 15 chapters to write which sounds like a lot but I write short chapters. I have probably less than 1/4 of the story left. Fingers crossed I can focus and get this done.
-Keep editing Hidden Magic so I can share that each week. This may have to take a backseat, though, if I'm focusing more on book 1.
-Once this draft is done, start outlining book 2.




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