January Wrap-up, February Goals

My writing partner-in-crime made a post about her successes/goals and I thought it was a good idea. This is mostly copied over from my Tumblr, adjusted slightly to just be about writing.

January summary:

After the crap that was December, January was a little better. I got more writing stuff worked on, anyway!

  • Short Fic Challenge:
    I made a blog for the short story writing challenge my muse and I started. We've been working regularly on this, what with prompts and reblogging stories and general upkeep.
  • Short stories:
    I started two long-ish short stories and have the first drafts done. Then I got distracted from those to write two short stories/drabbles for a prompt game I shared on Tumblr about a week ago (Adair for “fight me” and Blythe for “break me”) and started a third story. This brings my total to five started, two of those finished for the month.
  • Misc writing stuff:
    I did a monthly writing challenge on Instagram that involved a week of answering questions from my characters’ POVs. I made aesthetics/moodboards/bios for six of my characters that I'll be sharing on this blog soon.

February goals:

  • Finish the short stories:
    I have three that I'm currently working on that need to be edited/rewritten: "Sol stuck in the pantry," "Adair's this for that quest," and "Adair's domestic fluff." (These all desperately need actual titles lol.) These aren't counting the long short story I was working on in December that still needs to be finished.
  • Write the rest of the stories for the prompt game:
    I think there are about 14 left to do, but I'm going to try to keep these as short drabbles. (Riiiiight. Two of the three have so far spawned into full short stories lol.) It’s likely that the longer ones will become stories I write for the Short Fic Challenge since they have that habit of becoming full stories anyway.
  • Get back into working on book 2:
    I haven't really touched this since November other than to jot down ideas for a few plot ideas here and there. I think I may have written a chapter and a half, too? This really needs to become my main project again.
  • Finish typing book 1:
    At some point I need to go back and type up the last 1/4 of book 1. It’s written and in my notebook, but I keep putting off typing it up.

This post got long, but I guess that’s a good thing. It means I’ve been working on a lot of stuff and that I have the motivation to continue to work on a lot of stuff. :)




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