Some thoughts as we rest from a battle in Joven

May 1, 708CC, 1st day of Gladmoon

Most of my narrative of recently events can be found in the journal entry I just penned for the group, but I would like to add a few thoughts.

-I have found that I do enjoy being called "Senior Brother". I'm not normally one with a large ego; I had to pause for a moment before I realized the Messenger was referring to myself. It feels like just yesterday I was Called by Hermes; I suppose I don't really think of myself as "senior" yet. I mean, I'm just a Messenger.

-Random appearing and disappearing tattoos are disconcerting. If it hadn't been put there by someone I trust (and, frankly, it was a great honor for Khrom-Vel to call us his Champions!), I think it would have bothered me even more.

-I am going to miss our crazy ballistics gnome. Rest in peace, Caleb.

-I may not mention this enough, but I very much appreciate my friendship with SwampFox. As I witnessed yesterday when he prevented an orc from attacking me as I was engrossed in a spell, he always has my back.

-I am a bit worried that these Gates will make travelling so easy that ... well, Messengers will not be as respected as we are, and that people will begin to take us for granted. I likely have no reason to worry, or perhaps the real reason for my worry is that I enjoy travelling so much and I would not like to lose that. I will have to talk about this with Armand, or possibly the Head Messenger in Joven.



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