More D&D dolls

Ye gads, have I really been neglecting this blog so much over the past fewmany months that I never posted about the recent plushies I made from the campaign? What kind of artist am I, not pimping my wares whenever and wherever possible? ;)

So without further ado, here are the dolls of characters in the campaign world (click the images to see them larger). First are the group dolls I made as Christmas presents for all the players:

Clockwise from top center: Ayman (human wizard), Ghost (elf ranger), Dallas (gnome thief), Linora (human fighter), and Caleb (gnome fighter).

Next up is Fox, Cyneric's fox. Yeah, he's not too creative with names.

Isn't he an adorable little fat fox? Cyn must be feeding him too many table scraps. ;)

Now for Dwight, the man who was once a member of the travelling party and is now a duke and a paladin:

I learned that beards look strange on dolls with no chins, and gauntlets and boots look strange when there are no fingers or detailed hands or feet.

And lastly, the one I'm still working on- SwampFox, Cyn's henchman, bodyguard, and friend:

He's been in the "to finish" pile for a while, mainly because all that's left to do is give him armor and I need help on sculpting that. *looks at the DM and gives big puppy eyes*

Next up will be finishing SwampFox and working on a Shocko plushie. Yay for being able to combine art with my favorite dorky pastime!




  1. Those are all great! Love the last one and of course the fox but you are very talented!

  2. Aww, thank you! Yeah, I love that little pudgy fox, too. ;)


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