D&D avatars

We were able to finally game again last night so expect a post from Cyn soon, but right now I wanted to share the cute Gaia avatars I was able to make of the characters using this avatar generator (and some color editing in Paintshop). I'm amazed Gaia had the items I needed. :)

First up, Cyneric and Fox:

I edited the robe to be red and the fox looks a bit silly, but otherwise, yup, that's Cyn. :) He's holding his shield and quarterstaff, if you're curious.


I'm not sure if that plate armor is exactly like what he has, but I figured it was close. In his hand is a battle axe.

And now onto the two characters who make Cyn jealous because I love them, too. ;)

That's Aldalion Kalmir: my flamboyant grey elf bard from a previous campaign. He's wearing a quiver, lute, and his black cat familiar.

And this is my most recent character- so recent I haven't even started playing her yet; she's going to be my character in the game I'm running soon. She's an elfling (half halfling/half wood elf) fighter/wizard; she has spent the past 70 or so years of her life as a regular wood elf, but recently has been getting training as a wizard and she's not at all comfortable with that yet (she's not even used to being indoors). She has green tattoos on her face, chest, and arms and paints on more for camouflage whenever she's in wood elf mode. I haven't decided on a name for her yet, but I'm leaning towards calling her Merily since she's pretty much my alter-ego (if not that, she'll be Meren Eryndiriel).




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