Thoughts from the road

May 8th, 708CC, 1st day of Brightmoon

As always, most of my narrative can be found in this entry I just penned in our group's journal.

-I'm slightly frustrated that my knowledge of religions has failed me; I'm fairly certain that the moon shield we found at the gnoll camp is related to Artemis, but since the Older Gods are waning in this part of the world, it's extremely difficult for me to learn more about this. Fortunately Armand knows someone who knew some old priests, so I'm going to find the man and see if he can give me more information on this subject.

-Gating is rather terrifying, especially when parts of it explode when you're going through it. I'm quite thankful that it was not me who was shot out of the Gate! (Honestly, I think Shocko enjoyed that...) It's just scary to trust your life to a jar. It is nice to be able to get from Joven to Woodland in a matter of minutes, though!

-I'm proud of SwampFox; he spoke some Common the other day, which is great! The more Common he learns, the less he'll have to rely on me or Linora to translate for him. I don't mind, of course, but there are some situations where he's separated from us Orcish speaker, but has to know what's going on around him.

-It's strange to have so many animals around. I love animals, but two dogs, a fox, a cat, and a parrot (a parrot? Where'd Mags find a parrot, anyway?) means there are almost as many four-legged and winged members in the party as two-legged ones. ... actually, now I'm wondering if I should start casting Speak with Animals more often.



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