Playing with some math

I realized something about my writing: if you’re a male between the ages of 17-30 and see a protagonist heading your way, RUN. Don’t look back, just get out of there! The gender of the protagonist doesn't matter- you're doomed.

A 93% chance of dating said protagonist isn’t bad, but… there’s only a 25% chance of an eventual happily ever after, a 100% chance of something horrible happening to you (but hey, only a 34% chance of actual death, so there’s that), and an 85% chance of becoming an antagonist of some kind. There is a 76% chance of having a story told from your POV, so at least you can possibly redeem yourself?

Long story short: boyfriends are expendable and I think I found a repeating theme. I'd be amused if not for the large group of young male characters glaring at me. Sorry, guys?




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