Writing update for 10/10-10/16

My weekly writing success wasn’t nearly as photographic this time as it usually is! Usually I use my pretty notebooks, but this was all on the computer. My goal was to do writing stuff 1 hour/3 days and I think I hit 5 days. Hooray! This week ended up being a blurb for my NaNo project that took forever since I didn’t like any of the original versions (that’s on the right), continuing to outline this book (back window), and outlining a Halloween themed short story (left). Pretty good when I was fighting an awful ear infection all week!

I'm hoping this week to start writing that Halloween short story so I have it done by Halloween and before NaNo starts. I'm also hoping to finish my outline of my NaNo project- specifically I want to focus on the ending because I'm not really sure how it ends yet. My biggest problem with NaNo or writing in general is having most of a story but no end planned out in advance. I abandoned my first NaNo project for that reason, it’s why the book I’m doing this month has had two rewrites but never reached an ending, and it’s why I have three short stories started and not finished. Sigh. I hear a lot of writers say middles are the hardest, but I can middle. I can’t end. *beats head against wall*

(This weekly writing goal thing is something my Facebook writing group does. If any writer would like to join us, you’re welcome to!)




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