Writing update for 10/3-10/9

I just realized several days late that I forgot to share my writing success from last week! My Facebook writing group (which any writer is welcome to join!) does a thing where every week we set our own goals. Last week mine was to work on writing for an hour a day, three days. I've been sick so I did less than I'd hoped, but I still managed to hit the goal with ideas/outlines for both a short story and my NaNoWriMo. The short story is based on a Halloween prompt that really intrigues me, so I'm hoping I can start it this week. My NaNo project this year is likely to be draft 3 of book 2 in my series, so I'm going to continue that by working more on my outline this week.

And! After three years I also reached the end of my old notebook for series notes (on the top left) and started a new one (middle). This makes me feel oddly productive because I've made so much progress with this series just in that notebook. Finishing it shows that I am moving forward. :) The tree notebook on the top right is my short story notebook. I love pretty notebooks!




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