Writing update for 10/17-10/23

My Facebook writing group (which any writer is welcome to join!) does a thing for weekly goals- in this picture I combined last week’s with this week.

The top picture is part of my success from last week: character sheets for three of my antagonists and one secondary good character. The good characters get smiley faces in the top corner and bad ones get paw prints, although I’m not sure how easy this is to see here. I still have a few things to fill out on the pink sheet, but I’m not going to know those things until I write these characters more. Last week I also started a short story and finished my outline for book two (my NaNo project), so I had all sorts of writing success!

The bottom picture is this week’s goal sheet and my projects list- I finally added a smiley because I finished something else on the list! My goal for this week is to write 1 hour day/4 days a week. I’m upping it from three because the past few weeks I’ve been hitting at least 4 days of working on writing. My plan is to work more on that Halloween-themed short story (and possibly finish it? I’d like it done before Halloween anyway) and to turn my outline into an organized series of post it notes in my planner. I may also work on culture sheets that are similar to these character ones in the top picture, so we’ll see!




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