Writing update for 10/24-10/30

Writing goal update! Last week I finished my sticky note chapter outline for NaNo (top picture). This is going to be the third draft of book 2 in my lgbt+ comedic fantasy series and I'm hoping this draft plays out better than the previous two! I also wrote a good chunk of the Halloween-themed short story (that’s the computer screen) which is sort of part of the series since it’s the same characters. I’m sitting just under 4k words and I’m thinking it’ll probably be close to 6k when it’s done. A little longer than I’d planned, but it’s funny and I love it. :) I'll share it here once I get it finished and edited, although this will likely be later this week. I'd planned for Halloween, but at least that week is close?

The green paper shows this week’s goal: Start NaNo! My goal is going to be 50k, so that gives me a target daily word count. I’m also planning on finishing this short story.

(The idea for keeping track of writing goals is something my Facebook writing group does. If you’re a writer, you’re welcome to join us!)




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