Making some good progress!

It's pretty obvious that I love cats, huh? I finished another page in my writing log, so that means it’s on to a new one! (I did write in November, it’s just on a different log sheet because of NaNo. I blogged about my NaNo progress here.) I’m really proud of how regularly I’m working on writing related stuff! I think I missed about seven days total in all of October and September/December, at least for the dates that fit on that sheet since the rest of September was on another sheet and December is only half over.

The log came from treepunchdesigns on Etsy. I don’t use it quite the way it’s labeled since I don’t generally worry about word count, so I summarize what I worked on that day under "goals" and use the “actual” column for my total time each day. Part of what I love about writing is working out a system that works best for me personally. It makes things a lot more streamlined down the road, like for this I can look back and see what I was working on at any given time and that helps me feel productive and inspired. And cats. I mean, cats are motivational too, right? I absolutely recommend keeping track of what exactly you're working on although cats are probably not mandatory. (My cat would claim otherwise if he wasn't snoozing in the other room.)

I'm hoping to continue this trend of writing regularly into the new year, so fingers crossed! I'm in the middle of so many projects and I'd like to finish at least some of them.




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