Blythe - Protectorate and Healer


About Blythe:

Quick Stats:
Name: Blythe Bladedancer / Dreihda Soldat (later Travellarri)
Home Country/Region: Concordia
Birthdate: Scriven 14th, 439 (Equivalent of August 5th)
(20 at the time of "Unexpected Inspiration")
Astrological Sign: Leo
Tarot Card: Strength
Height: 5'10"
Appearance quirk: Always has a multitude of blades within reach,
wears her hair in the uniform braid of the Protectorates
Occupation: healer and blade-dancer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Highest Stat: Dexterity
Weakest Stat: Charisma
Favorite Hobby/Skills: dancing, growing herbs, anything to do with
blades or weapons that can be spun, juggled, or tossed.
Favorite Color: red

Detailed info:
Blythe is a blade-dancer and assistant healer working with a troupe of traveling carnival performers, but "Blythe" is an alias. She has been hiding her true identity for years and only a select few know her origins or real name.

Blythe started out life with the name Dreihda, a name she never really liked. After her mother died when she was a baby, it was her father who raised her. He and the other Protectorates recognized her penchant for pointed objects and from a young age she was trained in their use and care. When her father passed away when she was fourteen, she was shipped off to live with a distant relative in a distant country who was determined to turn Dreihda into a courtier instead of the "lowly" Protectorate she had been. Dreihda was just as stubbornly against this; she wanted to be a warrior like her father.

She eventually ran away from this new home she found to be stifling and came across a carnival visiting town. There she saw a young sword-dancer performing in front of a crowd of captivated onlookers. Fascinated herself by the way this performer controlled their blades, she saw this as an opportunity and possibly her only chance to get a weapon into her hands again. She lied about the fact that she had no family (figuring it technically wasn't a lie since her parents were truly dead) and after showing Firedrake that she did know something about weapons, she got them to agree to take her on as a performance partner. She didn't realize that Firedrake had also been a runaway and would have sympathized even if she had told the truth, but this lie always sat heavy on her conscience, especially after they became the sibling she never had. Shortly after joining the carnival performers she apprenticed to the troupe's healer, another once-Protectorate who shared the healing magic some warriors of that class possess.

Firedrake eventually left to be hired privately by wealthy patrons and soon after this Etri and Sol joined up with her troupe. The twins became her closest friends, but she continued to kept her true identity a secret even from them, just as she had Firedrake.

Things continued this way for several years until a young artist entered her life and threw it into disarray. After working with Adair and their friends to help him on his quest and discovering that there was more to her abilities than she'd previously thought, she has found herself surrounded by new opportunities and problems. Soon she's going to have to decide if she wants to be Dreihda or Blythe, an Artisan or a Protectorate- or if it's possible to be both.