Silly sketch of Cyn and SwampFox

I've been bugging Josh (the DM) to draw me a "kinda cute drawing of my D&D characters", and I guess he got annoyed with me asking all the time, so he drew this:
Josh's D&D sketch
I think it's adorable and looks like something from a children's cartoon. I know I'd watch one starring an orc! ;)

I'm going to start posting little ficlets/memoirs- or, rather, Cyn will be writing them. I talked character development with the DM, and I think I want to give Cyneric some hobbies. The first one I thought of is writing since he's already scribing his journal and group blog, but I'd also like to expand on his backstory and maybe have him write something for SwampFox, as well. (And darnit, I miss ficlet writing!) Look for those at some point soon. :)




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