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Digging through my Flickr account I realized that I never posted the clay spell components and spells that Josh and I made for Cyneric last year, either. I have no idea how I forgot to blog about all these things here! At some point I'll make non-out-of-character posts. ;)

I am such a dork

In no particular order:
-Berries for the "Goodberry" spell
-Holly for "Invisibility to Animals"
-Tangled vines for "Entangle", "Plant Growth", "Snare" and "Spike Growth"
-Blue bottle for "Water Walk", "Create Water", "Resist Cold", and "Water Breathing"
-Red bottle to represent potions or whatnot
-A staff/rod for "Augury" and to represent the "Rod of Beguile" that I have
-A rock/lodestone for "Locate Object", "Meld Into Stone", and "Stone Shape"
-A mirror for "Sanctuary" (or as Josh says, a frying pan for cooking or hitting over the head)
-A shamrock for "Shillelagh" and whenever I need an herb or plant
-A piece of iron for "Heat Metal", "Hold Person"
-A bowl of incense/smoke for "Pass Without Trace", "Protection From Evil", "Glyph of Warding", "Speak With Dead", etc
-A piece of parchment for "Detect Poison" and whenever I have a message to deliver
-A tree for "Barkskin" and "Tree" (where it would be used instead of my figure)
-A shiny sphere/globe for "Charm Person/Mammal", "Command", "Detect Magic", "Enthrall", and whenever I need to do a divination spell or charm someone.
-A flaming sword for "Flame Blade"
-A ball of flame for "Fire Trap", "Produce Flame", "Resist Fire", "Flame Walk", "Pyrotechnics", and any other fire spell
-A tornado-looking thing for my air elemental and for "Dust Devil"
-A snake for "Snake Charm", "Hold Animal", "Messenger" or any other animal spell
-A piece of wood for "Trip", "Shillelagh", "Warp Wood" or any other wood spell
-Cyn's Holy Symbol of a winged fox (not the best version- the one on the doll's shield is better).

Whew, that's a lot. I think he has a few more spells not included in these (note to self: put a small dragon in the spell box for "Wyvern Watch").




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