Oct 31, 2016

Writing update for 10/24-10/30

Writing goal update! Last week I finished my sticky note chapter outline for NaNo (top picture). This is going to be the third draft of book 2 in my lgbt+ comedic fantasy series and I'm hoping this draft plays out better than the previous two! I also wrote a good chunk of the Halloween-themed short story (that’s the computer screen) which is sort of part of the series since it’s the same characters. I’m sitting just under 4k words and I’m thinking it’ll probably be close to 6k when it’s done. A little longer than I’d planned, but it’s funny and I love it. :) I'll share it here once I get it finished and edited, although this will likely be later this week. I'd planned for Halloween, but at least that week is close?

The green paper shows this week’s goal: Start NaNo! My goal is going to be 50k, so that gives me a target daily word count. I’m also planning on finishing this short story.

(The idea for keeping track of writing goals is something my Facebook writing group does. If you’re a writer, you’re welcome to join us!)


Oct 24, 2016

Writing update for 10/17-10/23

My Facebook writing group (which any writer is welcome to join!) does a thing for weekly goals- in this picture I combined last week’s with this week.

The top picture is part of my success from last week: character sheets for three of my antagonists and one secondary good character. The good characters get smiley faces in the top corner and bad ones get paw prints, although I’m not sure how easy this is to see here. I still have a few things to fill out on the pink sheet, but I’m not going to know those things until I write these characters more. Last week I also started a short story and finished my outline for book two (my NaNo project), so I had all sorts of writing success!

The bottom picture is this week’s goal sheet and my projects list- I finally added a smiley because I finished something else on the list! My goal for this week is to write 1 hour day/4 days a week. I’m upping it from three because the past few weeks I’ve been hitting at least 4 days of working on writing. My plan is to work more on that Halloween-themed short story (and possibly finish it? I’d like it done before Halloween anyway) and to turn my outline into an organized series of post it notes in my planner. I may also work on culture sheets that are similar to these character ones in the top picture, so we’ll see!


Oct 23, 2016

I got my second fanfic- that makes me a real author, right?

My freaking husband, I swear. He was clicking away at his typewriter and told me “you have to see this!” He wrote another ridiculous fanfiction about the characters in my series. I feel like I should frame this, but I did put it inside my writing planner to look at if I ever need a laugh. He didn’t seem bothered that the world doesn’t have privies or Tuesdays and stated it wasn’t canon. He's such a dork and I love him! (The first one he wrote me is here.)


Oct 17, 2016

Writing update for 10/10-10/16

My weekly writing success wasn’t nearly as photographic this time as it usually is! Usually I use my pretty notebooks, but this was all on the computer. My goal was to do writing stuff 1 hour/3 days and I think I hit 5 days. Hooray! This week ended up being a blurb for my NaNo project that took forever since I didn’t like any of the original versions (that’s on the right), continuing to outline this book (back window), and outlining a Halloween themed short story (left). Pretty good when I was fighting an awful ear infection all week!

I'm hoping this week to start writing that Halloween short story so I have it done by Halloween and before NaNo starts. I'm also hoping to finish my outline of my NaNo project- specifically I want to focus on the ending because I'm not really sure how it ends yet. My biggest problem with NaNo or writing in general is having most of a story but no end planned out in advance. I abandoned my first NaNo project for that reason, it’s why the book I’m doing this month has had two rewrites but never reached an ending, and it’s why I have three short stories started and not finished. Sigh. I hear a lot of writers say middles are the hardest, but I can middle. I can’t end. *beats head against wall*

(This weekly writing goal thing is something my Facebook writing group does. If any writer would like to join us, you’re welcome to!)


Oct 12, 2016

Writing update for 10/3-10/9

I just realized several days late that I forgot to share my writing success from last week! My Facebook writing group (which any writer is welcome to join!) does a thing where every week we set our own goals. Last week mine was to work on writing for an hour a day, three days. I've been sick so I did less than I'd hoped, but I still managed to hit the goal with ideas/outlines for both a short story and my NaNoWriMo. The short story is based on a Halloween prompt that really intrigues me, so I'm hoping I can start it this week. My NaNo project this year is likely to be draft 3 of book 2 in my series, so I'm going to continue that by working more on my outline this week.

And! After three years I also reached the end of my old notebook for series notes (on the top left) and started a new one (middle). This makes me feel oddly productive because I've made so much progress with this series just in that notebook. Finishing it shows that I am moving forward. :) The tree notebook on the top right is my short story notebook. I love pretty notebooks!


Oct 2, 2016

Writing update for 9/26-10/2

So my Facebook writing group is doing a thing where we set weekly writing goals. I reached mine! Mine was pretty simple: work on writing stuff for an hour a day, three days this week- but it’s more than I’ve done I’ve weeks! I finished the character sheets (front and back) for my five main characters. The cat supervised and as you can tell from the wet spot on the red paper, she also tasted, lol.

My goal for next week might be the same- time rather than a concrete goal. There are a few different things I want to work on, like an outline of book two, the character sheets for my antagonists, and possibly getting back to the rewrite of book one. We'll see!